Flange Plug Caps

  • Leak-Proof flanged plug caps
  • Leak resistance is provided by two flexible flanges which presses firmly against the inside wall of the tubes
  • Material: Polyethylene (PE)
  • Item No. ColorSize
    SMT-558Red 12mm
    SMT-530R Red13mm
    SMT-800R Red16mm
    SMT-555B Blue12mm
    SMT-530B Blue13mm
    SMT-555G Green12mm
    SMT-530G Green13mm
    SMT-800G Green16mm
    SMT-555W White12mm
    SMT-530W White13mm
    SMT-565B White16mm
    SMT-555O Orange12mm
    SMT-530O Orange13mm
    SMT-800O Orange16mm
    SMT-555Y Yellow12mm
    SMT-800Y Yellow16mm
    SMT-555P Purple12mm
    SMT-530P Purple13mm
    SMT-800P Purple16mm
    SMT-555N Natural12mm
    SMT-530N Natural13mm
    SMT-800N Natural16mm
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