Transfer Pipettes

By Samco™
    • Consists of a built-in bulb that eliminates the need for plugging, packaging and autoclaving, which prevents cross-contamination
    • Made of shatterproof, non-toxic and inert low density polyethylene
    • Low-affinity surface reduces loss of cells and valuable proteins due to binding
    • Can be frozen in liquid nitrogen, or heat sealed for storage
    • Recommended for: Tissue culture and applications, routing sampling of serum and plasma, blood culture, urine analysis
    Item No. Overall Capacity Sterility Graduations
    PIP-008 5.8 ml Sterile Non-graduated
    PIP-005s 7.7 ml Sterile Graduated
    PIP-005 7.7 ml Non-sterile Graduated
    PIP-003 5.8 ml Non-sterile Graduated
    PIP-004I 7.7 ml Sterile Non-graduated

    ☛The graduated pipette is capable of accurately measuring multiple volumes.

    ☛Sterile pipettes are individually wrapped

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