Starfrost Slides

By Knittel™
  • Made with clear corrosion-resistant borosilicate glass for ensuring superior clarity
  • Slides are pre-cleaned and lint-free
  • Edges are ground or beveled and polished to prevent abrasion
  • Ground Edge Slides are with 90 deg corner
  • Manufactured using grinding process which results in a high quality fine ground edge
  • Slides with beveled edge have eight beveled edges with 45 deg corner
  • Higher grade Star Frost® edge allows for easy and clear labelling
  • Special colour-printed marking area is resistant to common chemicals used in laboratories
  • Printed ink works as a spacer to prevent scratches or sticking of slides while stacking
  • Ideal for examining cytology and haematology specimens
  • Special surface processing assures superior wet ability
  • Thickness: 1.0 mm
Item No. Type
LAB-032S 45 Degree Edge
LAB-031S 90 Degree Edge
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