Frosted Slides

By Technologist Choice™
  • Made with clear corrosion-resistant glass for ensuring superior clarity
  • Slides are pre-cleaned and lint-free
  • Presents a smooth, flat surface for consistent, uniform smears without streaking
  • Edges are ground or beveled and polished to prevent abrasion to hands
  • Ground Edge Slides are with 90 deg corner and are manufactured using grinding process which results in a high quality fine ground edge
  • Slides with beveled edge have eight beveled edges with 45 deg corner
  • Single Frosted: The frosted area on Single frosted slide is approximately 20 mm long on one side
  • Twin Frosted: The frosted area on Twin frosted slide is approximately 20 mm long on both sides
  • Fully Frosted: Both sides of slide is frosted
  • Thickness: 1.0 mm
Item No. Size(mm) Type
LAB-034 25X75 Single Frosted
LAB-047 25X75 Fully Frosted
LAB-036 26X76 Twin Frosted-ground edge
LAB-036U 26X76 Twin Frosted-ground edge (Unpolished)
LAB-037 26X76 Twin Frosted-beveled edge (Made in Germany)
LAB-037C 26X76 Twin Frosted-beveled edge
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