Blood Collection Tubes By Improve Medical™

BND Inc Brings you IMPROVACUTER® they are used for blood collection and storage for biochemistry and immunology

Item No.DescriptionSpecification
BTN-2001Gel & Clot Activator Tube3.5ml/13*75mm
BTN-2002Gel & Clot Activator Tube5ml/13*100mm
BTN-2003Gel & Clot Activator Tube8ml/16*100mm
BTN-2004Clot Activator Tube4ml/13*75mm
BTN-2005Clot Activator Tube6ml/13*100mm
BTN-2006Clot Activator Tube9ml/16*100mm
BTN-2007No Additive Tube3ml/13*75mm
BTN-2008No Additive Tube6ml/13*100mm
BTN-2009EDTA.K2 Tube(Spray Dried)2ml/13*75mm
BTN-2010EDTA.K2 Tube(Spray Dried)3ml/13*75mm
BTN-2011EDTA.K2 Tube(Spray Dried)3ml/13*75mm
BTN-2012Citrate Tube2.7ml/13*75mm, 3.2%
BTN-2013Citrate Tube4.5ml/13*100mm, 3.2%
BTN-2014Citrate Tube2.7ml/13*75mm, 3.8%
BTN-2015Citrate Tube4.5ml/13*100mm, 3.8%
BTN-2016Lithium Heparin Tube2ml/13*75mm
BTN-2017Lithium Heparin Tube4ml/13*75mm
BTN-2018Lithium Heparin tube6ml/13*100mm
BTN-2019Sodium Heparin Tube4ml/13*75mm
BTN-2020Sodium Heparin Tube6ml/13*100mm
BTN-2021Gel & Lithium Heparin Tube4.5ml/13*100mm
BTN-2022Gel & Lithium Heparin Tube4.5ml/13*100mm
BTN-2023Glucose Tube 2ml/13*75mm NaF+ EDTA.Na2
BTN-2024Glucose Tube4ml/13*75mm Fluoride/Oxalate
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