Cover Glass

By Technologist Choice™
  • Made of colourless borosilicate glass (D263) with an optimum hydrolytic resistance
  • Ultra thin glass is produced by patented down-draw-technology for getting blister- and striae-free glass
  • "Ultra-thin glass foils" are steadily controlled in terms of the chemical composition as well as glass thickness and waviness
  • Complies to ISO 8255/1
  • Glass surface is powdered with very fine particles to prevent sticking while stacking
  • Item No. Size (Inches)
    LAB-002G 22 X 40
    LAB-003G 22 X 50
    LAB-004G 22 X 60
    LAB-000G 24 X 40
    LAB-005G 24 X 50
    LAB-006G 24 X 60
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