Blood Collection Tubes By Improve Medical™

IMPROVACUTER® tubes are used for blood collection and storage for a number of clinical applications

Item No.DescriptionSpecification
BTN-2001Gel & Clot Activator Tube3.5ml/13*75mm
BTN-2002Gel & Clot Activator Tube5ml/13*100mm
BTN-2003Gel & Clot Activator Tube8ml/16*100mm
BTN-2004Clot Activator Tube4ml/13*75mm
BTN-2005Clot Activator Tube6ml/13*100mm
BTN-2006Clot Activator Tube9ml/16*100mm
BTN-2007No Additive Tube3ml/13*75mm
BTN-2008No Additive Tube6ml/13*100mm
BTN-2009EDTA.K2 Tube(Spray Dried)2ml/13*75mm
BTN-2010EDTA.K2 Tube(Spray Dried)3ml/13*75mm
BTN-2011EDTA.K2 Tube(Spray Dried)3ml/13*75mm
BTN-2012Citrate Tube2.7ml/13*75mm, 3.2%
BTN-2013Citrate Tube4.5ml/13*100mm, 3.2%
BTN-2014Citrate Tube2.7ml/13*75mm, 3.8%
BTN-2015Citrate Tube4.5ml/13*100mm, 3.8%
BTN-2016Lithium Heparin Tube2ml/13*75mm
BTN-2017Lithium Heparin Tube4ml/13*75mm
BTN-2018Lithium Heparin tube6ml/13*100mm
BTN-2019Sodium Heparin Tube4ml/13*75mm
BTN-2020Sodium Heparin Tube6ml/13*100mm
BTN-2021Gel & Lithium Heparin Tube4.5ml/13*100mm
BTN-2022Gel & Lithium Heparin Tube4.5ml/13*100mm
BTN-2023Glucose Tube 2ml/13*75mm NaF+ EDTA.Na2
BTN-2024Glucose Tube4ml/13*75mm Fluoride/Oxalate



About Our Partner: Improve Medical®

Profile: Improve Medical® is a prominent pioneering enterprise that has been at the forefront of the industry since 1996. They specialize in providing a wide range of products for laboratory and medical needs. With their focus on innovation, research, technology, and excellence, they strive to meet the evolving needs of the healthcare industry. Through their R&D centre in San Diego, USA, Improve Medical® is committed to continuous investment in the IVD field, laboratory, and medical supply technology. 

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